Language and Humor


This is a collection of my (closed-captioned) online videos related to language and humor.

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DST: Daylie Saying Time

I expose the truth about the mass delusion of DST, daylight saving time--before I'm too sleep-deprived. There may be Cajun French involved. And kitchen items. I've said too much already.

Video (2:33)

The Calculendar (Rebecca Black - "Friday"-Inspired) Commercial

Have trouble figuring out the days of the week? You need The Calculendar!

This TV-commercial parody was inspired by the lyrics "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday / Today it is Friday, Friday" and "Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards" from Rebecca Black's song "Friday" (which was written by adults not by the young singer).

You don't need to watch the original video first, but here it is: Rebecca Black - Friday - Official Music Video

Video (2:06)

Spot the Ambiguity

Steven and Brandon have a misunderstanding. Can you spot the ambiguity?

Video (0:34)

The Time That's Spruced With Pine

After a short, original light-verse poem, hear about Christmas and Japanese New Year's and learn some Japanese words related to New Year's.

Video (2:09)

Talking to Zoo Animals

Here's my story of talking to zoo animals and imitating their calls. It's a true story, but I took some dramatic license. I didn't actually wear glasses as a young child. And I don't remember the monkeys' food being invisible.

Video (1:39)

Language and Humor: First Show

This is the first show of "Language and Humor." You'll see that everything goes well until— Actually, you'll see that it never starts going well.

Could I— Could I have a moment alone, please?

Video (2:30)

Logo Teaser Trailer Parody

My site logo asked if he could have a little time off. I said OK. Little did I know that he'd gotten a starring role in a movie.

This is my first video, a simple parody of movie teaser trailers. No iMovie visual effects, sound effects, or background music pieces were harmed in the making of this video. Well, the Suspense cue couldn't get cell reception on location and was a bit miffed. We got him a soy latte and he seemed happy.

Video (1:01)