Language and Humor

Twitter Poems

These are some of the (non-haiku) short poem drafts that I’ve written for Twitter posts.

They’re more about initial creative bursts than crafting; some of them were written in fifteen minutes or so. They’re all untitled with a word or words as a prompt (to the right). See also Twitter Haiku.

limp amid external forces

bereft, adrift, alone

drained of life and value

a child delights in crunch of leaf


carmine ink

deluded rivulets

surging down paper napkin

hoarding your final words

[carmine (=vivid red)]

wind tiptoes in shadows

sunlight crinkles in corner

trepidation caroms and dandles all


the past cast out

embarrassing tatterdemalion eras

now embracing the patchwork quilt

[tatterdemalion (=tattered)]

churlish fog surrounds

surly gusts churn

murmured words


of discussion


strength sapped

countenance cracked

brood's burdens borne

unladen funeral chairs


life story

scrawled archipelago

arising from inky sea

beneath lies beads entwined

profound ties

[archipelago, bead]

life's account

bears no balance

of what's given and taken

only of what you reconcile


blind to opportunities

frightening fever dream

know it's not real

can't stop

must return to on redozing

replace everything


ancient ritual

energetic elder still takes part

unstructured youths just float about

parchment of plants unabated


the air of that world engulfed

gulped by lungs to blood to every cell


and unnourishing


one pries from group

trivial alone

bonny blanket

muddy mire

snowflake alights

catch for child's tongue


she crafts a home

never complete

scrabble to eat

cloaked in the tapestry of life

spider sighs and poisons visitor


diamonds caress eyes

brocades embrace fingertips

feel opulent

when I behold

my child

[opulent (=rich, luxurious)]

Answer alternates

sneering patrician

giggling coquette


I'm not ready to ask her

the question


sitting on sidelines

regarding not rollicking

no bruises

no mark left anywhere


undulating chatoyant dreams

down mountainous steeps

phantasmagore on buoyant streams

through bounteous sleep

[chatoyant (=shiny like cats' eyes)]
[Phantasmagore is made up from phantasmogoria (=ever-changing scenes as in dreams).]

pursuing the labyrinth

passed over the truth

the walls of that life:

paper-thin transience


unsaliently sailing past

on the slightest wafting

persisting but not wanting

to be incognito

[incognito (=in disguise, with hidden identity)]

eider down round my heart

beats bound from slightest brush

found myself in you

preterite pronoun

profit from loss


gusts send desiccated grains of snow

slithering across the street

sizzling chatter of eagerness

to regale their peers


snake and rat

lunge and jump

waltz of life


the lambent sun rends ivory shawls

bares the gangles but spares the tips

marshmallows for Titans' campfires