Language and Humor

Twitter Haiku

These are some of the haiku and senryu poem drafts that I’ve written for Twitter posts (AKA Twitterku or Twiku).

They’re more about initial creative bursts than crafting; many of them were written in fifteen minutes or so. They’re all untitled with a word or words as a prompt (to the right). See also Twitter Poems.

driving sere season

moisture mere condescension

hide cracked dampened heart


surfeit left unsaid

our verbal imbroglio

shadow puppet talk

[imbroglio (=complicated situation or disagreement), verbal]

spring sun melts roof's cap

dripping cleanses patio

house purged of your things


couple's fallow gaze

vernal orb vanquishes snow

thaw will never come

[thaw, snow]

vanguard drips fluid

rear's fresh recruits sally forth

lemming snow cascade


beaming state of grace

cozy in padded chambers

orphan clasps own hand


marginal mambo

peripheral pirouette

clunky core comfort


your masterpiece carved

all imperfections teased out

please see me as I am

[tease, carved, masterpiece]

a tree gray and hunched

branch bent from nourishing snow

greets spry schoolchildren


love's Chinese tonic

high rapidly falls to low

because it's fourth tone

[Chinese tones]

retrenched affection

wistful trough eyes waterline

you mete me halfway


distance closes in

whistle blows for the last time

lilt gone, era done

[distance, lilt, whistle]

footprints on your heart

frozen like your fingertips

to the "Dear John" note

[footprints, frozen, fingertips]