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Twitter Blend Games

These are some of my posts for altered and blended song/film/etc. titles (#hashtag wordplay games) on Twitter.


Pacino Woman, Pacino Cry

The Times They Ahnuld Changin'

[#hybridmonster]Pelédybug- Half ladybird beetle. Half elderly Brazilian soccer legend. Destruction is his GOOOOAAAALLLL!

Hold On, We Found Another Mohican


MTVehicular Manslaughter

Larceny Ulrich


Little Lord FauntleRoyal Caribbean Cruises

Rabbit AT&T Rest

The Age of Holiday Inn-ocence

Capital One Hundred Years of Solitude

A Town L-IKEAlice

The Yearl-ING Group

[#breadfilms]The Baking of Pelham Bun Crew 3

Snakes on a Stagecoach

Million Dollar Zygote

Protoplanetary Disk of the Apes


Sinew City

Hearty Potter and the Aorta of the Phoenix

Cortex's Chainsaw Massacre

The Parent Trapezius

Bang the Philtrum Slowly

Uvula Got Mail


The Tofurkey to Rebecca


Johann Sebastian Bok Choi

Thomas Alva Lettuceson

Dennis Kuspinach

Florence Nightinkale


Jermange Jackson

Joe Piscopolio


To Live and Die in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula

[#vikingsongs]Bad Rune Rising

Enemy of the Pate

How the Tress Was None

John Q-Ball


The Troweling

Mulch Ado About Nothing

The Day the Earth Stood Tilled


The Crab Rangoonies

The Tilapiano


Someone to Watch Ova Me

Waiting to Eggs-hale

The Nest Years of Our Lives

Under the Tuscan Sunny-side Up

Omelet It Be

Ma and PAAS Kettle (original was spinoff of The Egg and I)

Albumenful Mind

Every Which Huevos But Rancheros

Egg Foo Young Frankenstein

Hatch Adams, starring Robin Williams

Scramble Durham

Old Yeller-Center

Never Benedict Kissed

Roe-my and Michele's High School Reunion


Spring Braining

Jackie 28 Days Slater



The Rapprentice with Donald Krump


Milky Waiver

Habeas orbits

Very Large Arraignment


Two Hearts Bleat as One by Ewe 2

Ovine Papa



The King's Mean (hit song: "Louis Louis XVI")


Dye Hard

Hairline Fracture


Your Hair Will Look Coif-ful

Shear Luck

The Clip Joint


Larry Haggleman

Tom Economy-Sizemore

John Landiscount

Ernest Borgninetynine-cent-store

[#LaundrySongs]Bleached Lightenin' (from the soundtrack of "Bleach")

Livin' la Vidal Sasson

It's the Split End of the World as We Know It, Follicle on Me, Bangs and Blame, Bad Hair Day by REMington Hair Clippers

When Dove's Shampoos Cry & I Would Dye 4 U by pRinse

[#takeaway-singers (AKA #takeout-singers)]Pizza Seeger


Tahoma the Brave

Dial Em for Murder

The X-height Files: I Want to Corbel-ieve, starring Gill Sans Ian Andy-son

It's an Umbra-ful Life, starring Verdana Reed

A Futura Good Men, starring Demi-bold Moore


Two Weddings and Half a Funeral

Sanninhan no Samurai (Three and a Half Samurai)

The Bad and the Somewhat Unattractive

Blade Saunterer

Some Like It Tepid


Studying for the Citizenship Test Kane

Some Things Still a Tad Noisy On The Western Front

Malcolm V

50 1/2 Dalmatians

The Jedi Is Seriously Considering Returning


That's SWAT Friends Are For

Miranda Right Here Waiting by Richard Marksmanship

Kevlara's Theme

Blueberry Hill Street Blues by Gats Domino

I Would Die 10-4 U

You've Really Got a Choke Hold on Me

A Hard Tase Night

Dusting for Prints in the Wind

Perpful Haze

[#textilebands]Spandexys Midnight Runners
[#cheapcologne-names]Eau d'Ious

Trigger Happy Gilmore

Galax Equestrian

Star Man o' Wars: Episode II - Tack of the Roans

[#petshopdrinks]Long Island Mice Tea

Edward James Olmousse

Pomme Steve Niçoiseniak

Bryant Gumbo

Étouffée Wray


Edsel Livan (not a shew, but really big nonetheless)

Chassis Palminteri

Mitsubishi Gaynor

James Arness UV


Kiki Dee Bucket

Marcia Gay Hardening of the Arteries

Dead as a Charles Van Doren Nail

Autopsy Thomas Howell


Hake On Me

A Hard Dace Night


Harry Potter and the Order to Move to Phoenix

Intolerable Drool-ty, starring Catheter Zeta-Jones and George New-knee


Bahrain Wilson

Kristen Belgium

Harmon Killebrunei

Deborah Kyrgyzstan

Madagascarmen Electra


We Just Went Ahead and Exhaled


Bury My Heart at Wounded Igneous

Pinatubo Fast Pinatubo Furious

Peggy Vesuvius Got Married

Q&Eyjafjallajökull, starring Nick Molten

Obsidian and Nancy

Pumice Congeniality

Basalt on Precinct 13

Magma and Pa Kettle


Leafing Las Vegas

Deciduous and Nancy

Walk the Vine

Ficus Club (Oops, I broke the first rule of Ficus Club.)


The Island of Dr. Moo-reau, starring Marlon Brandogie

Akeelah and the Beef

To Calve and Calve Not, starring Humphrey Bovinegart and Lauren Bacow

Harry Potter and the Half-Cud Prince

Bovine Geste

Cow to Train Your Dragon

Not an Udder Teen Movie


Power of invisibility--but only to salesclerks when you're ready to buy something

Can run incredibly fast--in place

Instantly know if you have 15 items or less for the supermarket express lane.


How the Finch Stole Christmas

The Da Vinci Crows

Clear and Pheasant Danger

A Beautiful Myna

Who Moved My Chickadees?


Twisted Oasister

Lisa Lisa and Blue Öyster Cult Jam with Full Force

Van Halen Sync

Hootie & the Blowphish



Self Control-Alt-Delete

Icon to Know What Love Is

I Only Want to CPU by Dusty Keyboard Springfield

Who Can It USB Now?


The Blind Side of a Right-Handed Quarterback Needs to Be Protected by a Left Tackle Against the Other Team's Defensive Ends

A Joint Task Force Multistate Manhunt That Ultimately Leads to Finding Forrester

This Universe and Every Parallel Universe According to Garp


Carnivorous Marine Mammal With Webbed Flippers But No Tusks

George Good in a Way That is Complete in All Respects

The Sandy Ocean Shoreline Non-Adult Male Humans

The Letter of the English Version of the Latin Alphabet Between Tee and Vee and the Whole Number Between One and Three

Hootie & the Species of the Tetraodontidae Family, Tetraodontiformes Order, Actinopterygii Class of Vertebrate Animals

The David John Matthews But You Can Call Me "Dave" Matthews Band


Jason Mraspberry

Busta Limes

Judge Rindhold

Jennifer Peels

Mary Mangosteenburgen

Rhubarb McClanahan

Jennifer Jason Lychee

Richard Persimmons

The Almond Brothers

Chaka Pecan

Rob Loquat

Pomegranate Jackson


Why Does It Hurt So Baddams

Girl You Know It's Trudeau

It's Groening Men

Bridge Over Troubled Watterson

Walking on Larsonshine


You're the Bundt That I Want

Icing the Body Electric


René Jell-Oberjonois

Pumpernickelas Cage

Summer Squash Glau

Nathan Fillonion







San Marinokia

Intel Salvador


Kentucky Fried Chickenya

The United Kingdomino's Pizza


Tom Scythemore

Gladius Knight

Cassius Claymore

Lee Van Cleaver

Shillelagh Majors

Omar Épées

Crossbow Jackson

Artillery Garfunkel

Kenny rpG


Larry Halberd

Shuriken Burns


28 Days Tater

Bram Stoker's Spatula

The Grills Have Eyes

[#snackmovies]In the Heath of the Night

When a Mantis Loves a Woman

Rockin' in the Flea World by Neil Dung Beetle

I Only Have Compound Eyes for You by the Flea-mingos


Gangrene Day

Depraved Matthews Band



The Silence of the Jams

The Amityville Sporran

Housecoat of Usher

An American Underwear-Wolf in London

The Herringbone Collector

Snakes on a Hanes

The Hills Have Izods


No Scrunchie for Old Men

A History of Violets


Hake, Rattail & Sole by Big Joe Turbot

Rock You Like a Sturgeon Seine by the Scorpionfish

Since You're Spawn by the CarPs

(I Can't Get No) Spanish Mack'rel by the Rolling Stonefish

I Heard It Through the Great White by Marlin Gaye

Smells Like Teen Spearfish by Nurse Shark-vana

Get Up, Sand Dab by Bob Marlin

I Wanna Be Sea Daces by the Remora-ones


Girls Just Want to Have Muenster

I'd Fondue Anything for Love (But I Won't Fondue That) by Meat Beaufort

That's What Friends Are Formaggio

Fly Me to the Muenster & I Left My Havarti in San Francisco by Tony Rennet

Havarti All the Time by Edam "Eddie" Murphy

Ricotta Get You Into My Life, I Saw Her Camembert, Eight-Queso Week, The Long and Winding Roquefort, Pepperjack Writer, by the Brie-tles

[#actormashups]Patrick Dempsey Thomas Howell [And born the same year!]
[#irishfilms ]

The Chronicles of Blarney-a

End of the Rain-Beau Geste

Up in the Eire

The Uilleann Fields

The Little People vs. Larry Flynt

Brogue-back Mountain

The Amityville Begorra


Louis XVI, oh no
Head's gonna roll

by The King's-Dead Men


50 Ways to Leave Your Louver

Feng Shui You, Feng Shui Me by Lionel Rich-Mahoganie

[#welsh-filmversions]Dude, Where's My Cardigan?



[#saladsongs]With a Tong in My Heart by Rodgers and Hart of Palm

She's Got a Haggis (A Spey-ke Dee Joint)

Plaid Max Beyond Dundeedome

Tartan Over, starring Burgh Reynolds

Tartan Fink

Tambo: Firth Blood Part II

Silence of the Tams

My Caber Totoro


Mouse Party, starring Kitt 'n Play

A Manx Called Horse


Ring My Beluga

A View to a Krill




Akeelah and the Beating


The Taupe of Greenwich Village

Robinson Ecrusoe

[#medievaltv]Plaguewatch, starring David Hasselhoff as Mitch Bubonicannon


A Low-Fat Dirty Shame, starring Keenen Ivory Weigh-ins

Roughage Cut, starring Lesley-Anne Weight-Down


Wild Wild Waistcoat [/Weskit]

Raise Your Rolls Royce (starring Lady Hilary Duff of Harrishire on White Oak [i.e., Houston, Texas])



Crust in the Wind

Something I Burned Today by Hüsker Düghnut

Yeast Lightening

[#sausagefilms]The Curious Casing of Benjamin Boudin


Jennifer Beelzebub

John Occultrane

Goblin Red-Grave

Matt Demon


While My Guitar Gently Steeps

Chai Guy by Diana King Charles II

Tea-lefone (Oolong Distance Love Affair)

Karma Chamomile

Orange Pekoe-Boo by Siouxsie and the Banteas

Herb: That's What's Hoppenin'! (from Teahouse Rock)


To Live And Die in Filet

The Texas Chain Sashimi Massacre

[#shoesongs]I Geta Round

Akeelah and the Beyoncé


Freddy Vs. Jason Mraz

Hootie & the Blowfish Called Wanda

The Wrath of Chaka Khan

Dial REM for Murder

It Could Happen to U2

Sidewalks of New Björk


Wayne's Furl

The Flickr and the Dead

The Woman in Reddit

Live Free Orkut Die Hard


28 Daisies Later

Azalea Two Cities

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydrangea

Look Who's Talking Tulip

The Pink Anther

Ordinary Sepal

Cannery Rose


Mr. Beanie

Cloche Encounters of the Third Kind

The Miter Ducks

The Stetson Also Rises