Language and Humor


Here’s the Humor section of Language and Humor. If I had to summarize my interests via two nouns joined by the word and, I’d say “Unicorns and Sparkles!” But that’d be too much information, so I called the site “Language and Humor.” This is some original humor, both language-related and other.



Twitter Wordplay 1, Twitter Wordplay 2
My entries for Artwiculate’s and Loqwacious’s word of the day games on Twitter.
Twitter Blend Games
My posts for altered and blended song/film/etc. titles (#hashtag wordplay games) on Twitter.

Japan/Japanese Language

I love Japan (and extended my stay there from the original two years to almost five years), but here I have a little fun with Japanese language and culture.

Animated GIFs / GIFアニメ

Daruma Doll
(19 seconds, 65.7 KB)
Make a wish, and paint in the doll’s left eye. When your wish comes true, paint in his right eye.
Daruma Doll in Japanese / だるまおもちゃ(日本語版)
(19 seconds, 66 KB)
Maneki Neko Statue / 招き猫像
(16 seconds; 75.8 KB)
Get good luck from a lucky cat (even from this bad kitty).

Quizzes and Wordplay

Quiz: American Movie Titles in Japan
Try to guess each movie’s original American title from the Japanese title.
Quiz: (Song) Colorful? You’re Dreamin’!
Use the vocabulary to fill in the blanks within this “California Dreamin’” parody.
Quiz: (Song) The Sound of Mind Need Silence
Use the vocabulary to fill in the blanks within this “The Sound of Silence” parody.
Quiz: Blended Japanese Expressions
Save time by blending Japanese expressions with other words.
Dajare (Puns) / 駄洒落
Read my original Japanese puns with romanization and English translations.