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‘Ticket-holding fits’? (lost in translation)

Have you ever been so excited to ride a boat that you had ticket-holding fits? Perhaps, but I don’t think that’s what the translator of a certain Chinese sign meant. A photo on Leonie Doyle’s blog (Lightlyskipping) shows a sign … Continue reading

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The Four Essential Travel Phrases

The Four Essential Travel Phrases Web site is an amusing site that translates the following questions into hundreds of languages and dialects. 1) Where is my room? 2) Where is the beach? 3) Where is the bar? 4) Don’t touch … Continue reading

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Spell checker, heal thyself

Note: The following fits into both “LANGUAGE” and “HUMOR,” so it’s the first category-shattering post. Please install the SafetyGoggles plugin before reading it. TextTrust, an Internet spell checking company, issued a press release with a typo. They wrote “we pages” … Continue reading

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