Happy Chinese New Year ‘tu’ you!

It’s Chinese New Year’s Day. Happy Year of the Rabbit! According to Language Log and Dog sun, the clever thing for Chinese cards now is Chinese-English mixing of greetings. Thus:

“Happy New Year 兔 you!” (Happy New Year tu you!; tu4, rabbit).

2009 was the year of the ox/bull and used “Happy 牛 Year!” (niu2 [nyo], ox/bull).

2012 will be the dragon ( 龍 long2 [lung]). Perhaps they could sing “Auld 龍 Syne.” Or they could use the dragon zodiac sign ( 辰 chen2 [chuhn]): “Happy 辰ese New Year!”

2017 is rooster ( 雞 ji1, but the zodiac sign is 酉 you3 [yo]), so maybe: “酉, Happy New Year!”

See more about Chinese New Year and zodiac signs with Chinese characters on my old post:
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